Alloy Advertising Sdn Bhd – About Us

Alloy Advertising Sdn BhdThe Group’s outdoor advertising arm, Alloy Advertising Sdn. Bhd. is a premier outdoor operator that delivers consistent, proven results in outdoor advertising. Our winning edge is our strategic sites in prime locations where we operate on 4 major highways in Malaysia. We have Exclusive Advertising Rights in some of the most high-traffic highways in the country, namely, Federal Highway II, Middle Ring Road II, East Coast Expressway Phase 1 and KL-Karak Highway.

Our billboard and outdoor advertising network consist of strategically placed, high profile displays serving a diverse portfolio of clients ranging from international companies to locally owned businesses. From concept to completion, Alloy Advertising is a one-stop centre that can handle your most challenging projects from design consultation to printing as well as installation and maintenance.

When it comes to your business, visibility and branding are vital factors. No other media vehicle is better at bringing attention to your name and message than outdoor advertising. Well-placed and well-designed billboards deliver unrivalled market dominance and return-on-investment.

So when you want to be seen, noticed and remembered, make the right move with Alloy Advertising’s winning sites and outdoor advertising expertise.

Our Strengths

  • Excellent after-sale service
  • Client-friendly, cost-effective rental rates
  • Insurance coverage for all hoardings
  • A one-stop centre for outdoor advertising
  • Strong rapport with relevant government authorities
  • Offers a variety of product sizes and structures